Like an Album cover for a Bluegrass Band

Hey John,

Quiet boring day here. Sunny, which is nice, warm but pleasant. I went to the hardware store to get a new sprinkler for the back yard. Big event of the day. The other fun project was going through old negs and attempting to pull them in some kind of order. Of course it is a futile thing to do. My old film has no written data attached to it. So I am left to analyzing the contact sheets to try and figure out what they are. Mainly today I did OU stuff, so while  there is no data, I recognize the faces and some of the places. There are a lot of funny images of you in bell bottoms and of course, very thin and young too. I slapped them all into new binders and put a general label on it. Who know that information would be so important in the future? What was I thinking? Is your old stuff well labeled?

Then when I reach back to pre OU stuff, it gets tricky. I see stuff that I can only vaguely recall the event. Like this image. I know I took it in winter in rural Virginia I think, maybe 1979. Looks like an album cover from that time doesn’t it? I worked this image as I shot 9 of the 12 frames on the roll of it. The other 3 I was playing with blurs, so they reveal very little, other then a woman friend is in two of them. A college roomie. I recall she visited me in DC twice. But this was a road trip I think? It would make sense that I drove from DC to Cincinnati where she  lived and drove through route 50 all the way through Appalachia,. I think that is where this image is from. I have now spent the last 2 hours dinking around with this neg, scanning and processing and for what reason I don’t have a clue… It seems a lot of my energy these days is spent trying to organize the elements of  my past and fragments of my life, least they disappear.