Living on Borrowed Time

Hey Kiddo,

How have you been? Been very quiet around here for the past few months, with the exception of couple of nice Google gigs (thank you very much by the way). Just after Thanksgiving, Carter fell and fractured a vertebrae and has been a lot of pain since. Mostly bed ridden. So my care giving skills have been put to the test. It is so much fun getting old. But I am dealing with it all with the help of a couple close friends.

A while back I picked up most of the little rugs in the house, as they had become a trip hazard and put them in the garage, thinking at the time I would ask you if you wanted them. They are smallish, rustic Afghan rugs. I was just nosing around the garage looking for a box when I notice the moths have found the rugs and are munching away on them. The damage is not extensive, and they are rustic rugs after all, but they will need cleaning to be usable again. Would you like to have them?  All cleaned up and placed around nicely and you could have that Bedouin look going. I have lost interest in such rugs and the few I still like are flatweave kilims. I should have asked  you way back when I took them to the garage, but life got in the way.

No real big news here, tother than Carter’s health. But 90 years old, one has to say he is living on borrowed time.

Thanks to Google, I had a reasonable year business wise last year. So much so it threatens my low income senior citizen status. I got a nice break from the county on my property tax during the pandemic. So it seems being a starving artist once again has some use. I am sure I will be able to reclaim pauper status in the coming year.

My big project to start the year is to swap out some prints from the Seattle Art Museum Gallery. They want to return 11 prints in exchange for 7 new works. It was time for new stuff, but a fair amount of work, printing and framing all that stuff. In the mean time I am trying to find homes for the returning prints. The basement archives are getting a bit full. I think somewhere down there is a stack of prints of you when you modeled for me for all that Photodisc stuff. Yours if you want them. I am trying to find homes for a lot of stuff.

So how you be? Keeping busy? Productive. It must be nice having your folks around. I am sure they give you lot of hugs and emotional support. We should have coffee sometime and catch up.

Let me know about the rugs.