Barely Worn Shoes

That’s interesting about her. I always knew she was quirky and carved her own path in life. But I always admired her for that. That she was able to do what she wanted to do in life and live life on her terms, even if it meant living modestly and as you say, off the grid. I hope whoever is handling her work sees some value in it and saves it somewhere. That has always been my quest for my work. Save it somewhere… I have a former assistant on board to take my stuff and do something with it. I have tried to leave suggestions. The University of Washington Special Collections has said they would like my work, and it is a good option. But it would just be so much storage, as they are underfunded and understaffed and can do little more than preserve things. But I suppose that beats the landfill. And at the moment, a garage sale doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I am pretty much all for getting stuff out into the world. Even if it means giving it away. At least I don’t have other massive collections of stuff no one wants. It is kind of weird being at an age where you stop collecting things and start trying to figure out how to get rid of things. I miss the days when I would shop or travel and see cool things I would like to have just because. Now I look in the closet and see barely worn shoes I bought 25 years ago and will probably never wear again. Such is life, eh?