Often Like a Snapshot

8 September 2023

Artist’s Statement for The Seattle Art Museum Gallery

My work is about the act of discovery. As a photographer, I usually respond spontaneously and intuitively to the world before me. It may be in response to light, weather conditions or some curious arrangement of the man-made landscape. Much of what I do is very much about capturing the moment, something quite suited for the camera. A great deal of my current work comes from walks with my dog, generally in morning light and the neighborhood in which I live.  Once captured, the images evolve in the computer. I have never been interested in what one would call the “straight photographic image”. And so, in processing my work, I push the abstract qualities of an image, I push to color, often creating painterly effects. I wish to challenge the viewer to rethink their definition of the photographic image. My work is often like a snapshot, or as I refer to it, an emotional bookmark. An image that constantly reminds me of that place and that moment. I want the viewer to desire to go to that place as well or remind them of their own personal moments.