Perhaps I am insane

Or I just have too much time on my hands. It started with SAM and Jody’s request for new work.  I gave her 3 prints of Japanese Koi. One I had a print, 2 copies of it in fact. But when I went to look for them, they were hiding and not together either. Being a big prints, I have only so many folders to store big prints in. Ultimately I found them both, but realized a need to mark the folders better to facilitate quicker retrieval. It is a pain going through those big folders and potentially damaging the prints in handling as they are un matted. So this morning, rather than sit on my hands and stare at my computer screen, I decided to re org… The digital prints were actually pretty easy. All those images are in my data base, complete with a visual. So I just had to see what was in each folder, there are 4, and make contact sheets of it contents and tape a copy to the outside for easy viewing. But then here is where it got tricky. I have 3 folders of big silver prints, with no documentation to speak of. Old stuff too. Remember that time you and I made big prints of one of your nudes? Did you ever sell those? Obviously I didn’t sell many. And I made about 50 or 60 of those bad boys. Who knows what I was thinking. Perhaps I was insane. I think I will copy them with my camera and create more records, more contact sheets and them stuff them back into storage. At one point I was looking at these prints spread out all over my basement floor and all I could say is.. why? And I have no intelligent answer.