Pleasant Abstraction

There seems to be a fine line between a pleasant abstraction and just an out of focus picture. It is definitely something you have to play with and shoot a lot. But the process is definitely fun. Like my Instagram stuff. Just me playing around, mostly out of curiosity. Wondering what something might look like. But the instagram stuff is also about the place where I live and streets I walk down every day. The images have become little documents of the changes, the change of light, the change of seasons, the change of activity.

So yes, go shoot for yourself. Like your infrared stuff. Just have fun and don’t worry if any one likes what you are doing. Just please yourself. It is very liberating and I find it has always kept me sane and balanced. I frankly have never cared for much of my assignment work, but one has to eat. I do  good job, because that is what I get paid for. But I have never found it to be truly satisfying down deep. And yet my work is the closest thing I will ever have to children. So I nurture them and hope they have a long an happy life. But I live with the notion that at the end of the day, I may be the only one who appreciates them. And I am ok with that too.