When Everything Seemed Ok in the World

It was very fun last night and very peaceful. I got up early today, before sunrise, and it was so pretty and quiet. It was just lovely with the fresh fallen snow. Later I took Barney for a walk, his first in snow. He had great fun at first, running through it though it was deep enough to come up to his muzzle. I went slow to take a lot a of photos and chat with others out walking. At a point that is usually half way in our typical walks, he started running towards home. He looked at me as if to say, come on, I’m cold, let’s go home. His poor little feet were covered in snow. He raced ahead of me and led the way home. Funny little dog. Now we have a cozy little fire going and Carter is enjoying a new photo book on Obama. But tomorrow the snow will most likely be gone, but was nice to have the magic for 24 hours, when everything seemed ok in the world.