Positively Bohemian

I tried to go for classic looks as well. Linen, khakis, cotton. And some of my shirts especially are still very cool. I just have little cause to wear them. And since they are not wash and wear, I don’t wear them every day, only to have an expensive dry cleaning bill at the end of the month. Plus the major problem is the floating waist I have carried over the years. Currently at 37”. They don’t make 37” waist pants. So depending where I am in the ever changing weight continuum, 36” are too tight or 38” are too loose. So I have a closet full of ill-fitting pants. I also have a lot of great clothes I got in Europe that were trendy there, mostly coats, sweaters or leather jackets. I even have this vintage, thrift shop chic 1950’s over coat that when worn with a scarf and my beret, I look positively bohemian. It was a good look in the 80s. I don’t wear the coat anymore, but I do wear the beret and I am allover scarves. It seems I am mostly jeans and sweaters these days or in summer, jeans and polo shirts. Maybe khaki shorts if the temperature is up there. Dressing up these days is tricky. A lot of the things that fit nicely don’t go together. I must say, I do have nice shoes still. I have one classic pair I got in London that still kill it. A London friend of mine called them proper British school boy shoes. I’ll leave it at that.