Re: Blast from the Past


I guess news travels fast. It would be great to see you if you can make it. I plan to wear my Widelux around my neck as a bit of a homage to John. I can’t recall when I last saw John, but it was after I had closed my darkroom in 2006 and before I handed off my 2nd Widelux in 2010. I had gone over to UW to put up notices that I was selling cameras and such. I went to the school of art and then to Gould Hall where the Architecture darkroom was. I remember walking in and smelling fixer.  It was probably 2010, because the aroma brought on mixed feelings of  pleasant memories and yet a sense of loss. Not many folks were around, but John was there, probably was always there. We chatted, got caught up. He said I would probably not get much interest in my Widelux, his students couldn’t afford it. I expressed surprise that he was teaching architect students with film and darkroom, when clearly digital was in high gear. He said he wanted them to learn the hard way, to go slowly and learn the craft. Noble I thought. But I wondered how useful. I was still teaching in Rome and had my hands full getting my students to understand ISO. But he was right about no interest in my camera, so I later sold it to Connie. It was the last time I saw him. As I sit here now and think of him, I recall the time when I ran into him often, ran into so many photographers and artists, all doing interesting work. I am not sure exactly, when those days went away, but they did. But I am well and still engaged with my craft, but it feels like I am part of a smaller and smaller fraternity. I hope all is well in your world and some day sooner than later our paths will cross again, maybe even for a space cruise.