The Shortest Day, the Longest Day

Hey Matthew,

Thought I would say hey and wish you Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas if you like. I prefer Happy Holidays, not because it is politically correct but rather it is inclusive for folks of all beliefs. I guess in a way it is also kind of generic, but at least is nice greeting to your friends and family. My greeting cards are late this year as I ordered printing paper too late to get them done on time. But here is the image at any rate.

Like most everything I am doing these days, I captured this image with my iPhone. Handy little buggers. I was at my local shopping center and saw this scene. Thought it looked festive and had an urban vibe. And of course, being the in the Pacific Northwest, wet streets. Snow at Christmas time around here is actually not that common.

But today is the shortest day of the year and from now on the days get brighter. It is hard to imagine it is the longest day of the year for you. That it is probably warm and sunny and a great day to go to the beach. Or not… my phone says it is cloudy there. So do you put up Christmas lights and all? And have crazy Christmas sales of stuff most of us don’t need? And do your Christmas cards show snowy scenes or sunny beach scenes? What is the Christmas look in Australia? I would be so confused there. Growing up in Ohio, snow was routine this time of year. And nasty cold too. But I guess as a kid I liked it. I could go sledding and build snow forts. Not to mention shovel the sidewalks…. I do not miss that part.

Just wanted to say hey, and wish you and yours good things. Always good things.

To peaceful holiday season.