Our House Christmas 2021

Hey Man,

Did you manage to get thru the holidaze without going crazy? Seems it went by rather quickly. I never seemed to totally get into the spirit of things though we had our tree and decorations up and had a nice Christmas dinner with a friend. It just seemed to have had a bit  less luster this year. Maybe I am getting old. The snow was interesting. I drove the car on Christmas eve for groceries and not again until New Year’s Eve. But we had lots of nice fires and that was cozy. Looks like we are literally going to burn thru all our fire wood this year. Usually a face chord lasts us two, even three years. I think I will get a half chord this next season. We don’t really have room for a full chord. But it is always nice to sit around the fire on a cold winter night and stare at the flames and ponder things. It is one of our favorite things about living in this house. I think I would miss it if we ever move.

I finished work on my annual report project. It kind of felt like the end of working days. But unlike the shutdown of 2020, when I thought I was done, it didn’t feel so weird. It was kind of like I was finally ready for it. But then last week I got a call from a Googler in need of portraits and I jumped back in. I think that is the way it will be for now. A call here and there and at some point the phone will stop ringing. But I also had a big project of print making for a collector down in Portland who saw my show. He has ended up buying five of my old black and white prints. And maybe more. So maybe there is a future yet in this art business.

Coffee soon?