The Sound of the Word Artist

You’re not being presumptuous at all. I think of myself as an artist. But as you probably know there are those who consider you to be an artist and me a photographer. You create your works by hand and I use a technical device. Even when enlightened folks think photography is an art form, it none the less remains a tough sell. Explains why there are no photo galleries around anymore. Seattle used to have 3. Now none. I worked with a prominent Seattle gallery for about 10 years. We ultimately parted ways as the owner just never figured out how to sell my work. She also didn’t like the fact that a print  she was trying to sell might grace the cover of book or CD. Somehow that cheapened the work. She also complained that she didn’t know how to work with an artist who “didn’t need her”. A very odd comment, to which I replied, good thing I don’t, I would starve. After that I swore I would never work with a gallery, at least a commercial one. The SAM Gallery is a different beast. But I did later join up with a gallery a friend had started up. He was a sculpture and wanted to showcase not only his work, but that of other sculptors. My work was for the walls. I did my first show with him in 2007. We did several shows and he was always willing to throw up a print or two of new work and see how it was accepted. We were great friends and I always respected him as the true artist. Not just because of his work, but his knowledge and his persistence and passion for his work. But he had his demons and would later take his life. I haven’t worked with another gallery since. But more than a place to promote my work, I miss going to his gallery and hanging out with him and talking all things art and bitch and kvetch about the art world. I guess I don’t take the art world very seriously. But then I never had to. I earned my living elsewhere. But still I always longed to be an artist, something I have recently begun to define myself as. Before I was a photographer. To say I was an artist sounded pretentious or that I was mentally unstable and a drain on society. But now I don’t care, I like the sound of the word artist when I define myself.