Then You Remember Why it Came to an End

Just saying hello,


Seems like forever since we chatted. Everything ok in you world? Lavelle asked me about processing some photos and said they were working with a different designer. That you had things to take care of. Is everything ok? I hope so. We last chatted around the time of your sister’s death and I hope the sadness of that has subsided a bit. How are things with Hollywood? Just how are things…

More or less quiet here. A few little photo shoots here and there, broke a finger on one of them. I will survive. Been making a lot of prints for SAM, as they sold  few and have rented a lot lately. Other then that not much.

Chris  called a few weeks ago, and invited me me back to Rome. Seems the guy who replaced me has some health issues to address and couldn’t go. At first I was a bit excited, wanted to go. But as that day wore on, I knew I couldn’t. That all the reasons for stepping down were still there. The heat, the low pay, the hard work. Plus I wouldn’t know the students. Carter said go… But in the end I knew there was no going back. So I passed. I did help to set him up with another photographer friend of mine, Keith, if you know of his work. He is a very good photographer, and a funny, smart guy too. A little light on the teaching side, but he can fake that. The job mostly requires good motivational skills and endurance. The ability to make it up as you go. Something that has always been my strong suit. I sorta wish I could have gone back, but for some reason I came to think as old relationship. You know, that old flame you had a short run with? A summer fling? You get this call from out of the blue…hey it’s me, what’s going on? Wanna get together, have a drink and talk about old times? At first you get a little rush, thinking yea, that was fun wasn’t it? You remember laughing, you remember great sex, you remember crazy, funny moments. Then you remember arguing, and the fun going away and then you remember why it came to an end… I know that must sound weird. So it was best to let it go and get my Rome buzz from helping Keith get ready for the trip. I will probably get a panicky email from him the first week he is there…

Well my friend I hope all is well and perhaps sometime this summer before the rains return we can get together and sit on the deck and just talk and maybe toast our 25th anniversary.

Your pal,