Zone System

Vermont sounds lovely, even if it is past the peak. I have only been to Vermont once. Back in 1979. I had just quit the only real job I had ever had. I was a graphic designer in a small largely architectural design firm. I work there 2 ½ years before deciding to plunge into the world of photography. I am seriously glad I didn’t know then what I know now or I would have been too intimidated to make the leap. But it seems to have worked out. Anyway, the first thing I did after I quit was to take a road trip to upstate New York to visit my grandfather. From there I drove across state to Lake Champlain, crossing on the ferry to Vermont. It was peak foliage season and amazingly beautiful. Funny but I have only one or two memorable photos from that trip. A black and white image of an old abandoned house (I was working on my Zone System skills) and a goofy night color shot of the camp ground I stayed in one night. I was the only camper and it had a haunting feel to it as I recall. I rambled through the Vermont country side, stopping in small towns and nosing around. I even wondered what it would be like to live there. Then I headed back to DC where I had a part time day job of hanging drywall. And dreamed of being a photographer one day.