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4 October 2012 Parting Thoughts on Barcelona

Barcelona is simply an amazing city, a combination of very old and very new and nicely co existing. It is the most accessible city in Europe I have ever visited. The needs of the elderly and disabled are looked after with barrier free architecture. Bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists actually get along and are civil to […]

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30 April 2013 A walk on the Quad

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and it was a beautiful day in Seattle land. It is spring break and the students are gone. but who could tell with all the people. I never saw many camers pointed up in the trees.

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Have you Recently Retired?

I went to the IMA at the University of Washington recently to renew my gym membership. The young woman at the desk took my ID, swiped it and pondered her computer monitor for a moment. She then walked over to another person at the desk and asked him a question, he plugged some numbers in […]

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