2400 East Lynn Street

It seems you have plenty of time to think about what to do with your studio. You have been there a long time, right? How many years? Kind of tough to let go of a place that has nurtured so much creativity. I remember leaving my studio and how hard it was, even though I knew it was not only time, but that I was moving into a better situation. Still the walls are full of so many memories. The darkroom days, the parties, the photo shoots, the general hanging out with all the creative people that gave the space life, including you. In the end when I left, it was just an empty space. And while my home studio is so much better in many ways, it will never have the same spirit that 2400 East Lynn Street had. But we let go and move on. If you ever want to consider using my space, we can talk. I don’t really know what your needs are, and how much personal space you need, but I can easily see sharing. If only to hang out with you again.