Story of my Life

Thank you for that wonderful response. I think your points are spot on. Especially the part about writing to one person. That is the way my blog works. Or at least works best. I do want to somehow convey the message that the approach to my work is really quite simple. I have always made images out of things that fascinate me. Whether it is a foggy morning or a 9th century abbey. And more times than not, the projects I do are born out of opportunities afforded me from commercial assignments. The Above Seattle is a perfect example. I am taking real estate pictures for a client in a swanky downtown condo and there below me lies the rapidly changing urban landscape. My assignment work would often take somewhere I might never go on my own or even have access to. Like the White House. I have always admired photographers like Michael Kenna with his singular vision. Photographers who are on a mission and bring their look to everything they do. It never worked that way for me. I feel sometimes like an artist with multiple personalities and that it was somehow a bad thing. That a real pro knows where they are going and exactly what they are doing. But that never seemed to work for me. It seems I have always followed the end of my nose. Story of my life.