And Snow it Goes

Well it was pretty while it lasted. But snow doesn’t last very long around here. It seems we get a quick blast of snow and within a day or 2 the rains return and it all goes away. Here’s how it looked on Sunday, Valentine’s Day. Great for some quick sledding or a snowman or 2. Today it is all gone and feeling like spring again.

None of that hanging around for months like Ohio winters, with big piles of dirty snow piled up in parking lots of the shopping malls. Snow is largely unusual around here and causes a few problems when we get it. Seattle is very hilly, yet most folks have no fear driving in it. Makes for a lot of carnage. I just stay home and wait for the rains to wash it all away. I finally got out today to grocery shop. All clear. But it was pretty and fun to watch my little dog try to navigate his way around the drifts well over his head.