Such a Beautiful Spring


Hey John,

Just wondering if you covered the protest yesterday at your state Capitol? Looks like an interesting event. Though I do believe they are a bunch of morons…. I thought it would be a good idea for agent orange to come to Michigan and have maybe 5 or 6 rallies. Gather up the troops as it were. Get them all lathered up and high fiving. It could thin the herd and perhaps even infect their holy leader….

How you be? It seems your state is really running up the numbers. So I hope you are not in harm’s way. Efforts to flatten the curve have worked here and numbers seem to be going down. There is talk of re-opening some businesses. But I am not sure I am up for happy hour at my local pub any time soon. I ventured out yesterday to my local drug store. Went right at 9 when they opened. Had about 4 customers, all of us carefully avoiding one another. They had plenty of stock, though only permitted the purchase of one hand sanitizer. No matter. I hate that stuff anyway and always prefer soap. I carry sanitizing wipes in the car. We needed tooth paste and shampoo. I got other cleaning supplies. Our house keeper is gone and I need to learn how to clean toilets and such. Such are my concerns as of late.

Went for a drive in the afternoon so Carter could get out. We have had such a beautiful spring this year, it is a shame to miss it. We glided around the town on streets usually full of traffic and pedestrians. Carter was amazed by how few folks were out. I was amazed by how many were.

So we are doing ok here. I hope you all are too.


Write when you get work…I guess I should LOL that…