I Would be so Doomed in Today’s World

Yes, it is good to see young talent bring their vision of the world through their work. And you are right, photography isn’t dying in the sense that it is going away, but it will probably never be what it was when you and I were coming up through the ranks. It will never be the profession I was in all my life. I recall talking with a mother of a student several years ago at Inglemoor and her daughter was wanting to major in photography in college. She wanted to know if it was viable career pursuit. And I said yes. I could not say that now. But I also told her it would be best to learn other related skills like video, web work, graphic design and writing even to round out her skill set. I suppose I would recommend that now, but what if, like me, all you ever wanted to do was to make photographs? I would be so doomed in today’s world.

Thank you for keeping me in a world I love.