Life in the World of Commerce

Hey Bobert,

How you be? I am doing some house and studio cleaning and getting rid of a lot a stuff, mostly paper in the form of old prints, and projects. Like a copy of an annual report I did in 1996… Anyway I have this box of your prints you sent me and wonder if you would like them back? They are beautiful prints and I hate to throw them out, but I have no room or better home for them. So I will send them back if you like. A couple of years ago my old gallery dealer contacted me with the same question. All this stuff of mine and did I want it? As first I thought to trash it, but she said she would bring it by, so I said why not. We had quit working together in 2003 and I had forgotten what she might have. Well it turns out she had a wealth of stuff. Old silver prints used as repro art for announcements, newspaper reviews, press releases. A whole history from my 10 years of working with her, stuff I didn’t have. Even a binder of beautiful 8×10 prints I had made for her to show more of my work. I tossed a few things, but kept a lot. I took the repo prints and matted and signed them and returned the to her as a record for her. I said she was free to gift, sell or throw away. So it was a pleasant surprise to get that stuff. But now I begin the task of sorting out and throwing away. It is sort of cleansing, no pun intended, to let go of things that only speak to your life in the world of commerce. As if I need evidence that I was somehow successful. Does any of that matter now?

But hey, let me know.