Wiggins Street

16 December 2017


That photo of you as a child with your Christmas card is cute. In front of grandma’s house. Which is no longer there even. But it sent me running for an old photo or two to send to you. I have tons of family negs and prints, quite a few from life in Indiana.

And wouldn’t you know that the first print to fall from my box was an image of the Victorian house on Wiggins Street. It’s funny; my memory has it being a statelier house. This one is rather modest. But then so was Mabel. Question is, who is that mysterious person on the front porch?

Also found this photo of your parents. Late 1940’s maybe? With Carol. It is fun picture; I love the fedora on your dad. I have bunches of these old negs and if and when I ever find the time, I want to scan a few. Unfortunately there is not enough time to work on all my little projects and bring all these old images to life. So I organize them and hope in time they will find themselves in appropriate loving hands.

I trust all is peaceful in your world and you are surrounded by beauty and a loving supportive family. All is good here. I continue to make art, even though I have no idea what art is… I just make images, I guess, or what I call emotional book marks, little threads of evidence of my life on the planet.