Hang With the Big Dogs

I guess when I asked you about the imposter syndrome, I was thinking more of your professional life and not your current photo life. You are newbie at that and entitled to have some doubts about your work. But in your professional life did you ever go through periods of self-doubt? I would not be surprised if you told me you didn’t, given what you have told me about your awards and all. I always had self-doubts in the beginning. It is always pissed be me off. And I think it often held me back. I envied those I saw full of blood and guts who were so sure of themselves. It took me a long time to realize I was good enough to hang with the big dogs and I could hold my own. And to have the confidence to not only say I knew what I was doing, but to have the confidence to say that I didn’t, but I was skillful enough to figure out a plan B. And I many cases plan B was the better option. I think I turned a corner when I started doing stock work full time. Without an art director breathing down my neck, I had the courage to do things my way. And then when I put the work out there, either folks embraced my vision or they didn’t. Either way it was all on me. Fortunately my work was successful and the confidence that came with it was a wonderful feeling. And that 800 pound gorilla of self-doubt that was hanging around had to find a new home. It is just kind of weird when he occasionally now pokes his fat head in the door and says hi…miss me yet?