A Place I had Never Been Before

Nothing on the agenda for today. Or the immediate future for that matter. I do see I got an email from Google requesting my presence at some event they are having and asking me how many headshots I can do in a day? I am not sure I like that question. On one hand it could be some good bucks for mindless work. But I don’t really care much for mindless work these days. I mean headshots have never been the kind of job and requires great creativity, but I have always enjoyed the chatter that comes with a headshot session. It is my way of not making it a mindless task like I work at the DMV taking driver’s license photos. I like to talk to these people, see who they are, what they do and get them at ease to help me make friendly images. I have had some very interesting conversations with Google folks over the years. I learn things about great ideas in the works. To crank out a gazillion photos in a day robs me of that opportunity. I suppose I can put that all aside for a day and just do a professional job and be done with it. I mean it would pay for my new computer. But as in the case of all my work, I really want my photography to be more than just a job. 

Which reminds me, did I ever tell you what my goals have always been for my photography? If so, bear with me. I have three goals. To make photographs I have never seen before. To use the camera take me places I have never been before and lastly to make photographs that live forever. I rarely achieve all three and even achieving one is difficult, thou I can say the camera has taken me to lots of places, physically, emotionally and intellectually, more times than I can count. It really hard to make images you’ve never seen before, especially in today’s world. And as far as making photographs that live forever, I guess I will never know about that, will I?

What kind of goals do you have?