I Should Have Been a Painter

My work seems to be all over the map. I can identify themes and threads of themes, but that is about it. Much of my work is about the man made landscape. Which includes urban scapes, gardens and even farm land like the Palouse. Any landscape sculpted by the hand of man. I also like architecture, preferably old like the monasteries. I love portraiture and snap shots too when I am working with the Diana camera. Sometimes my themes are driven by what camera I am using or what film. But now with digital, it is one camera, one sensor and whatever other mystery I might bring to the image is done in Photoshop. Fake infrared, fake plastic camera look, fake polaroid look. All brought to you by the magic of filters and pushing a lot of buttons. I never did a lot of nudes or still lifes and have no interest in the natural landscape. It is interesting you like the ferns image. It is the least favorite of those last 3 and will probably not make it to my website. It is competently done, but seems boring to me. The other 2 have a more emotional edge to them, a bit more narrative I think. The ferns image is just pretty and that is not enough for me. I am big on pretty actually, but there has to be more than that.

The current stuff I am doing is all from my iPhone and mostly from my walks in my neighborhood. They seem to be simply about where I live and portraying it in different light and different times of year. I have pushed them with filters to look more painterly, because I always wanted to be a painter. I think a lot of them have an Edward Hopper kind of look. Just ordinary scenes really. And I am mostly just playing, amusing myself. And I don’t really care if I am the only one who likes them.

I like the ease of working with my iPhone and the fact that it is always with me. My big box camera would capture too much detail too. I am really more interested in making abstract images, with the details diffused. I guess I should have been a painter. But I am in too much of hurry to have the patience for that medium.