I Never Tired of that View

I taught with the UW Design in Rome Program and we had our classes at the  UW Rome Center in Campo di Fiori. It was a pretty nice gig, though August in Rome is pretty hot and steamy. Teaching was fun there, students were great and I created a pretty amazing collection of images. I would always just sit and stare out the windows of my apartment in Trastevere and marvel at the life style there. One year when I first arrived, before classes had started I was resting in bed, reading, with the windows open and a breeze  coming in. I was just enjoying being back in Italy. I could hear chatter from the restaurants down in the piazza, and dishes clanging. I could even smell the food being served up al fresco. I just laid there taking it all in, when, as if on cue, a street musician started playing O Solo Mio. That was a most amazing moment. I never tired of that view.