And it Was a Craft, Wasn’t it?

30 years, wow. I am only 7 years ahead of you. I recall first meeting you at my old studio. That was a good period. The 90s were good to me. It was fun working with you too. I miss that old studio sometimes. Lots of good people like you passed through there. Had lots of good fun. I recall being pretty bummed out when I left 10 years ago. And while my space here is way better on so many levels, 2400 East Lynn Street represents a lot growth and good times. A gathering place, a more public place. All those parties, photo shoots and just hanging out with cool people. I don’t  have that now, not that I really miss it. Things have changed and I am in a different place in my life and career. And frankly glad about it. I am not sure if I were your age and needing to still be working, I could cut it. Our industry has changed so much in those 30 years. And not all of it for the better. I admire the work you are doing these days and that you still have your lovely studio and making it all work. I wouldn’t begin to know how to make a living in photography these days. All the people I worked with are gone. And black and white photography isn’t the thing it was when you and I met. I feel fortunate to have been able to craft a living from largely shooting black and white film. And it was a craft, wasn’t it?

Let’s have that lunch soon.