Going Nowhere in Particular

I am glad you like my little ferry image. Nice little back story to that one. I was fairly new to Seattle and not always busy with work. I was friends with a guy who was a free spirit and like me, loved to make photographs. We would do this thing he called space cruising. We would set a time limit, say 3 or 4 hours, get in the car and just drive. Going nowhere in particular. Kind of like a mini road trip. This day, a wintery day as I recall, we headed north and jumped on ferry to peninsula. We actually got on the wrong ferry, we meant to go to Whidbey Island. No matter it was a space cruise. We would stop along the way and make photo. My Widelux was the camera of choice that day. We stopped for gas and ran into some local Native Americans selling smoked salmon. Like the real stuff still on sticks like toasted marshmallows. It is sometimes called Indian candy. We bought all they had. It was gone before we got home. To get home we jumped on the Winslow Ferry, now called the Bainbridge ferry. It sails directly into Seattle. Being mid-day in the winter, the passenger load was light. It is 35  minute crossing, so plenty of time to wander and feel the wind in your face. I am sure you know the joys of riding a ferry. My friend wandered to the front of the ship and stood there alone, face to the wind. That’s when I made that image. It became one of my favorite images I have ever made. It well composed, well crafted, and supports a good narrative. It is a nice moment. My friend moved away and I haven’t seen him in years. But this image always reminds me of our friendship and the freedom we had in those days.