Summer Falls Power Plant May 1985

Check this out. The film was incredibly clean and scanned like a charm. I forgot to ask you what size you wanted, so this probably bigger than you need. I hope it doesn’t make your email box explode. If you need me to resize, let me know. I am sure this is the money shot, as it is the only frame with rocks in the foreground. See how it compares to your print. It is interesting that the binder is all black and white work done for Phil, so various projects. There are several contact sheets of Summer Falls work, but only this shot and 2 others have film. Essentially the important stuff. The other film will probably turn up, as I still have a couple of banker boxes of loose miscellaneous film I never got around to filing away properly. But at least I got my hands on this gem. Thanks for giving me a  reason to get off my butt and do something cool.