Technological Junk Pile of History

When I thought of your birthday last night, I remembered the studio sale in May of 1994. Remember that? The one to raise money to get me to Spain and you a Hasselblad? I could have sworn I had a digital copy on my computer from years ago, and may have. But what did I call it? Plus the program that created it is long gone, heaped on the obsolete technological junk pile of history. I also knew I had the original flyer, the one I made many copies of to mail out. But where? I have a couple of file drawers of things to sort out and lo and behold, there was a  fat file called old photos of Mel. Almost all film and there was the original film of you and me and subsequent flyer complete with pasted in silver print from the darkroom. A click of the iPhone and now it is attached for you see. 25 years ago. Amazing. Eh? So young and full of promise. And here we are, still standing, still making images. In and of itself, that is impressive.