That’s the Rabbit Hole I was Talking about

Good luck with the new printer. I think yours has the same foot print as mine. And mine hides in a closet out of sight. I had the studio wired in such a way that the chords could sneak in from the wall inside of the closet. Makes it tidy that way. When I print large panoramics, I slide a table in front of the printer. Everything is hand fed, as I don’t have the option of roll printing. But I like it that way. I just heard from Artful Home, an online gallery I work with that they sold a print and when could I ship it? Normally I print on demand for these guys. But I found I already a matted print made from years ago. I just have to un mat, pack and ship off on Monday. Easy that way, yet I was kind of wanting to print, and I am already wondering I might print to put back in the empty mat, to store away in my basement for years… That’s the rabbit hole I was talking about.