The Last Silver Print

This is one of the last silver prints I ever made in 2006. I made it in a friend’s darkroom as I had already shut my down.

My friend had a much better darkroom than I did, but I recall not having any fun printing that day. Probably because I was reprinting and not creating something new. I was making the print for the Seattle Art Museum. I could have made a digital print, but because it was going with a series of silver prints, I wanted them to match. But I recall the process felt tedious and slow. And I didn’t really enjoy it. I didn’t know it was to be my last time in darkroom. The print image was 12×12” and framed to 24×20”. The print lived at the museum until 2014 and rented many times. They returned it because it was too small. The trends demanded large format prints to fill more wall space. Things change. The framed silver print now lives on a shelf in my basement archives, waiting for a new home someday.