Chance Meetings and Enduring Friendship

I am still pondering the story about Dona and how to best present it. It is an interesting story about chance meetings and enduring friendship. But it also reminds me how dependent my life’s work has been about chance meetings and following the end of my nose. Very little of the work I have done in my life is the result of me consciously deciding to pursue a creative direction. Even my thesis work in grad school was the result of party. It seems that when a opportunity was presented to me, it opened the door to a new interest. Microsoft sent me to France to photograph Mont St Michel and I became fascinated by the grandeur of the European monasteries. My Rome work is a result of having sushi with a friend and being asked if I was interested in teaching in Rome. Almost every body of work on my web site has a thread of a connection to a person, a job, or a chance meeting. And the story of my friendship with Dona is a fascinating one I think. One worth mulling over.