Options Change Ahead

I know about missed photo opportunities. I ‘ve had a few. Sometimes like you, I say I’ll be back. Other times I am just in a hurry and don’t feel like stopping. Once in England I was traveling in the north in Yorkshire. I had hired a car and driver for the day to show me and my assistant a few of the abbeys in the area. It is beautiful country and photo ops are everywhere you spit. It was late in the day and the sun was setting and we were heading home. We came by a road that meandered into the hills in the distance and the light was fading behind them. It was a curious looking road I would have liked to travel and it appeared to be under repair. There was this warning sign about the road conditions over the next hill. It simply said, Options Change Ahead. I thought of it as a metaphor for my life. I wish I had told the drive stop. But it had been a long day and we were tired, so we drove on. The driver, his name was Garth had some nasty bug which he thoughtfully gave to me and when I got to London I spent the next 3 days in beds, forcing to cancel several shoots I had scheduled. So I guess for me, my options did change ahead.