It Was a Magical Time

At the end of February in 1998 I went to London for 10 days. My first trip to that great city. We stayed across the street from Hyde Park and toured the city at length. There was suppose to be a launch party for a new stock agency I was working with at the time, but that was delayed. Never the less, we had a great time. I flew home, and 6 days later I was on a plane to Paris. My first visit there as well. And as much as I had liked London, Paris just took my breath away. It was so beautiful. Being winter, it was quiet too, not so many tourists. We spent a month in Europe most of it in France, most of it in Paris. It was be the first of many visits and I never got tired of roaming the streets of that city. Never got tired of making images of places I had only seen in art books. It has been awhile now since I have been there, but I will never forget that first time, that first glimpse of  the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame or the Champs-Elysees. It was a magical time.