It's the journey, not the destination Mel Curtis's thoughts on a life in the world of photography

Passion and Perseverance

Thank you for taking the time to view my website. It is dated now and needs a seriously make over. Only the blog is relatively current, the rest dates to 2012 and really needs a re boot. And thank you for your kind words. My life has been an interesting journey. I did take a […]

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Noodling around in my archives of film, I am trying to decide what to trash and what to preserve. I find little ditties like this. It was spring of 1976, in the final days of college at the University of Cincinnati. My best friend ¬†Mark Giambrone¬†and I were about to head out into the world. […]

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Like an Album cover for a Bluegrass Band

Hey John, Quiet boring day here. Sunny, which is nice, warm but pleasant. I went to the hardware store to get a new sprinkler for the back yard. Big event of the day. The other fun project was going through old negs and attempting to pull them in some kind of order. Of course it […]

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