Film Takes Work

I like that old Diana image too. I like most of my Diana works. And I must confess to liking my old film black and white works over my digital color works. I feel good about my digital stuff, but they are rather easy to make and maybe that diminishes their value to me. And maybe my black and white work reminds of my early days, my beginnings and what a special time that was. Not really sure. I keep telling myself I will work with film again sometime, I have about a dozen rolls laying around. But not sure where to start. Or what the point would be? Processing would be costly. And I can’t make silver prints anymore. I recently gave a lot of my old film camera gear to Carter’s grandson who has an interest in photography. Maybe if he gets into it, I can give him the gear I have kept. Who knows. For now my fridge has a bunch of film and paper.

I like the Prisma works for different reasons. They satisfy my desire to be a painter and most of the images are from around my home. I think they are fun, simple little scenes. I have made a few large prints that hang in my studio. The best part is they satisfy my need to be creative and make art. And my iPhone is always with me.

Film takes work, and maybe more work than I am wanting to do these days.